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There were only a few ITF matches today as the draw thins out and we head towards the finals. All ITF matches for the day were wrapped up by 1:00 pm.  U12 and U14 Selection Series finals took place today. Winners and Finalists were:  Boys U14: Finalist, Aiden Chu and Champion, Daniel Dong. Girls U14: Finalist, Renee Huang, and Champion, Rachel Wu. Girls U12: Finalist, Mila Adjukovic, and Champion, Muyang Mei. Boys U12: Finalist, Kristian Nygaard, and Champion, Lucian Enns. See photos below.


Also on court today, a U10 tournament took place on the upper courts from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The kids had a great time, enjoying being part of the big event and putting their skills to the test. As the afternoon became early evening, NTRP players took to the courts, and they closed out the day’s action.


Feature Photo


Moment of impact


Stanley Bark Open


May I have that tennis ball, please?


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Selection Series


U12 Girls: Finalist Mila Adjukovic and Champion Muyang Me


U14 Girls: Finalist, Renee Huang and Champion, Rachel Wu


U14 Boys: Finalist Aiden Chu and Champion, Daniel Dong


U12 Boys: Finalist Kristian Nygaard and Champion Lucian Enns