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Power, poise, and determination


Day 6 brought lots of folks down to the park to enjoy some tennis, some sun, and a surprise visit for those who were at the park around 4:00 pm.


After the daily set up by Tennis BC’s stalwart volunteers, the matches started on time. One feature match today was the number one seed in the ITF J100, Jagger Leach, playing his first match. Iverson Guan, Assistant Event Coordinator noted that “There were some long matches today, but not as long as one match yesterday that lasted four and a half hours!”


Overall, it was a fairly standard tournament day, until around 4:00 pm, when BC’s own, Rebecca Marino came down for a bit of hitting practice with Joe Wood, Director of High Performance at Tennis BC.  Rebecca often takes time out of her busy schedule to support Tennis BC community events including National Bank’s Girls.Set.Match. She took the time to chat with some of the young players and sign autographs too. Rebecca is a fantastic ambassador for the game!


Play finally wound down around 9:30 pm when the NTRP matches wrapped up. Tomorrow is shaping up to be another exciting day of tennis at the Park!


Today’s Feature Photo


Rebecca Marino and Joe Wood took to the courts for a practice session


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Stanley Bark Open


Posing for a photo! Did someone say treat?