Monday, July 4 @ 9:30 PM

We almost got through the day without any showers, however the last hour of Seniors and NTRP was postponed until tomorrow due to weather. Please be sure to check the draws and schedule online as some matches have been rescheduled due to the weather.

NTRP & Seniors Update:

Tuesday and Wednesday match times are confirmed. Some suspended matches are added and some next round matches are moved. Please check back again. Thursday match time will be confirmed when Tuesday matches are finished.

Please do not call to inquire about your match time in the event of inclement weather. We will not be able to respond to all the players’ inquiries. All the update and match status will be posted here and on the tournament page.

Draws of Group 2 events will be made and posted on Tuesday afternoon. Schedule will be posted on Wednesday at night on the tournament page.

Junior Competition Series Update:

The next update will be at 6:30 AM prior to the 8 AM start time. Please check back here or the tournament page.

In the event of inclement weather, please check here for update about match status. Please do not call to inquire your match status. All update will be posted here. We will not be able to respond to the inquiry of all the players.

Girls U10 starts on Thursday. If you cannot find a time in the draw, it means no match has been scheduled.

Open Update:

Draws will be made on Wednesday, July13th. The schedule will be posted that evening. Doubles events registrants without a partner will be randomly paired up or removed from the roster. Contact by Sunday night to register your Doubles partner.