Adult Mixed Doubles Team Event

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Please note the information below is subject to change prior to the registration deadline.


July 2020 – TBA






  • All entrants must hold a valid Tennis BC membership. Renewals or memberships are available online at or – Select Types of Memberships. 
  • Any individual whose rights to compete have been suspended by Tennis BC or Tennis Canada shall be ineligible to play in any sanctioned tournament during the period of such suspension. 


  • Acceptance is by first come first served. 
  • All entries are subject to the approval of Event Committee. 


  • Maximum 6 players of NTRP 3.0 to 4.5 level. Total strength on court is NTRP 16.0 (see info in team ties) 
  • Team must submit the levels of team players with registration. 


  • Each team tie is composed of 1 Men’s Doubles, 1 Women’s Doubles, and 2 Mixed Doubles 
  • Each Team tie uses 2 courts to play one Men’s Doubles and one Women’s Doubles, followed by 2 Mixed Doubles. 
  • All 6 players are allowed in the lineup in each match tie of 4 matches. The total strength of 4 players on court is 16.0. This means if players for Men’s Doubles is of the strength of 7.0, the Women’s Doubles can be 9.0. 


  • Draws will be round robin with playoffs. 3 match ties are guaranteed to each team. Other draw format may be used depending on the number of teams. 
  • Schedule will be available online on tournament website. 
  • All teams must be available to play at scheduled time. 


  • Match format – all rubber matches will be one regular set with Full-ad scoring. A 7-point tie-break will be played at 6-6 games to decide the match. 
  • Warm up will be 5 min.
  • All matches will be governed by Tennis Canada Rules of the Court. Players are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct as set out by Tennis Canada. 
  • Players are expected to be dressed and ready to play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled match time. 
  • Players without acceptable attire will not be permitted to play. Non-marking shoes must be worn while on court. 
  • Tennis BC event organizer has the final decisions. 


  • One point will be given to each game players won in all the matches. The team score is the total points all team members get. 
  • The winning team of round robin will be determined by the highest number of points. 
  • If 2 teams are tied with the same number of points, the tie will be broken by Head to Head result of the 2 teams. 
  • If 3 teams are tied with the same number of points, the tie will be broken as follows: 
  • The difference between the total number of games won and the total number of games lost. 
  • If, after this calculation, only 2 teams remain tied, the result of the head to head match tie played between the two teams will be used to break the tie. 
  • If, after this calculation, there are still teams that remain tied, then the order will be drawn by lot.