Denny Bao in action today.

Despite persistent drizzle today, ITF Juniors Singles play for Boys and Girls went ahead at the park. The atmosphere was a serious one as players took to the courts with line officials and chair umpire in place. The level of play was great for both Boys’ and Girls’ finals–all four young competitors are BC locals. Rain interrupted play twice and, once again, officials, volunteers and parents squeegeed, mopped, and dried the courts so play could continue.

Leith Wheeler’s Mike Wallberg and Tennis BC’s Max Korkh were on hand for the award presentations to the ITF Girls’ and Boys’ Singles finalists, Alessia Cau, Isabella Asenov, Connor Church and Denny Bao.

ITF Girls’ Singles final match up saw Alessia Cau defeat Isabella Asenov 6-3, 6-1 and ITF Boys’ Singles saw Denny Bao defeat Connor Church 7-5, 6-3. Leith Wheeler’s Mike Wallberg was on hand for the formal trophy presentation. It was a special moment for the players to be recognized for their hard work and achievement after a long week of matches to get to the finals.

Alessia Cau shows her strength on the court.

Men’s Open qualifying was on deck today indoors at the Richmond Hub. By the end of today, 32 matches will have been played. NTRP is also coming to a close with finals to be played tomorrow. Matches today were at a variety of Tennis BC member clubs, and our thanks goes out to them for helping out where it was needed.

Connor Church fought hard today.
Isabella Asenov showed great form in Girls’ Singles action.

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The Stanley Bark Open

Hoping for more dog days of summer!

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