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Day 10 brought sunny skies and lots of tennis (although rain is forecast for tomorrow)! Lots of NTRP finals took place over the weekend with Sunday seeing the most. Winners of the NTRP categories, received two  Laver Cup single-session tickets while finalists received a gift card each from Rackets & Runners. Results are listed below.


Open qualifying began today, with some hotly contested matches as players vie for a spot in the main draw. On the men’s side, Henry Ren is the number one seed while the women’s number one is Alessia Cau. There are several past champions in contention for the crown in a strong field.


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Men’s 2.5 singles: Yu Sun defeated Shadjid Bagatsing, women’s 2.5 singles: Lindsey Dia defeated Wonkyung Seo, mixed 3.0: Atsadakorn (Pom) Klomjaroon and Trisha Aggarwal (WO), women’s 3.0 doubles: Karen Bertini and Kelly Champagne defeated Lynne Hrynuik and Deonie Seaton, mens’s 3.0 doubles: Xiang Ning Li and Danny Henry Preymak defeated Hojung Lee and Suin Lee, men’s 3.5 singles: Kenneth Theodore defeated Maxime Morin-Roberge, mixed 4.0:  Hiroshi Watanabe and Yuliia Russu defeated David Torres and Anglea Corredor, women’s 4.0 doubles: Cathy Feng and Li Yuan defeated Yuen Chow and Ping Li, men’s 4.0 doubles: Alexander Jappy and Eugene Joy defeated Sam Gounelli and Jack Wright.